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For the first time ever, I am offering group mentorship to individuals of all ages seeking guidance or business insight within their entrepreneurial and/or corporate journeys. This membership will provide you an in-depth view of how I’ve navigated my own successes, professionally and personally, giving you key takeaways that you can implement immediately each month. 

Serving as your personal coach and cheerleader, I will use the transparency of my own journey as a tool to help you better navigate several different areas that include, personal habits and mindset for succeeding, leading with authenticity and leveraging your network, professional development, and so much more.

Along with direct access to me, you will be given access to a private group of smart, progressive, and collaborative individuals you can get to know, share knowledge with, and hear personal testimonies from. Homework and tasks will be assigned within this group and the overall goal is to build a community of individuals who are boundless, bright, progressive, forward thinking, and financially independent – so that collectively, we can influence and inspire the next generation of bosses. 

At whatever point you purchase this membership, you will have access to all prior sessions and notes. 

Get exclusive mentorship from Corvaya Jeffries and other leaders in her network on a month-to-month basis.

This private membership is for individuals who:

  • Want to stop second-guessing themselves and finally get started on something they’ve been wanting to accomplish
  • Need guidance and direction to reach a new level personally and/or professionally
  • Want to adopt skills, strategies, and strengths that lead to earning more income

What to expect:

  • Monthly live group coaching with Corvaya on relevant topics
  • Live classes with industry leaders in Corvaya’s elite and dynamic network
  • Homework and actionable next steps after every session

What you’ll get access to:

  • Access to a full library of previous sessions with transcribed notes
  • Access to exclusive member resources and content not available to non-members i.e. social media followers and email subscribers
  • A look inside Corvaya’s growth decisions, monthly goals, and action plans
  • A private Facebook account for 24-7 support and access to Corvaya and other members

Added Value:

  • An opportunity to build your network with like minded people who are thriving
  • Continuous, invaluable encouragement and reassurance
  • Exclusive job and earning opportunity postings 

Example Topics:

  • How to develop and maintain mentor-mentee relationships
  • How to navigate life after a layoff and get back into the job market
  • How to improve the quality of your life while working a 9 to 5 day job
  • How to craft an exit strategy when you want to quit a job without burning bridges
  • How to use social media to increase streams of income

The Elevate & Earn Membership is a private membership dedicated to educating, motivating, answering questions, giving tips, and documenting Corvaya’s education efforts. All video calls will be recorded and archived for continued education.

Refund Policy

No refunds will be issued but you can cancel your membership at any time.

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