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A changemaker.
An action-taker.
A Speaker.

I’ve helped people level up their lives and mindset through speaking, and I want to tell you how.

Let’s face it: anyone can access just about any information online these days. Attending a conference with a guest speaker better be worth it when information is accessible at our fingertips. But I have something for audiences that can’t be found online. 

I’ve been asked time and time again, “How do I reach the next level? How do I get your confidence? How do I get people to care about my projects?” So I’ve dedicated countless hours to spreading light, wisdom, and encouragement all over the country through speaking. Forreal, it’s true – from teaching a class in Venice, Italy to facilitating workshops in Austin, Texas. I connect with genuine groups and progressive individuals who are serious about having someone guide and energize them to transform their businesses, lives, and/or decision-making habits. 

My life experiences have landed me here, where I can breed authenticity, inspire creativity, and encourage diverse storytelling. Through my bold and eclectic nature, I’ve mastered the art of making complex information easily digestible. By injecting humor, a positive attitude, and a fun atmosphere into all of my events, I can connect with audiences of many ages. 

It wasn’t all rosy (until it was)

My career was a mix of defeats and triumphs. Almost everyone can relate to that. 

Big hair. Big smile. Big heart. Bigger trials. 

Investing in a speaker for your organization or team can be a big decision – but it can expedite the process and minimize the defeats. There’s no price on knowledge, comradery, or growth. I’ve fostered sessions, table talks, and 1 to 5 day workshops that breed connection, action, and magnetic inspiration. 

Leadership is in my blood and teaching groups (and individuals) how to optimize their time, resources, and energy, the way I have done and continue to do has become a stepping stone of my career. 

As a Wake Forest University alumna, former Vice-President of the Pi Beta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, and CNN Diversity Fellow, my career in leadership began early and it began fiercely.  

Over the years, my reputation and solid career foundation has given me the opportunity to teach at a handful of universities and conferences. From college students to women bloggers and early career professionals, I’ve had the chance to offer career-changing and life-altering advice that opened closed doors and unlocked potential. 

Stagnancy is the root of failure, and I believe that being injected with passion, knowledge, and the interest to make an impact translates in the workplace and in daily life. 

I work diligently to present a bold, fun, and energetic atmosphere that gets all attendees inspired to work harder, do better, and transform who they are. 

Things People Say

“Corvaya’s workshop was packed with tips for goal setting and action planning. She made it easy for me to connect and build relationships with others who are doing the kind of work I’m passionate about, and the energy of the workshop carried me through my first days back at work. The workshop helped me plan a roadmap for how to effectively share everything I learn outside of the office to my team.”
Tasha S.
Manager, Product
“Corvaya’s organization and thoroughness meant our workshop, which had more than 60 people attend, went off without a hitch. She planned and led the workshop and was always prepared to answer any and all questions that we, the other facilitators, had. Corvaya was positive, incredibly organized and overall just lovely to work with.”
Senior Editor, Programming
“The students who attended Corvaya’s session rated it a 4 out of 5 strongly agreeing that it was important to journalists, fun, interactive, useful, interesting and informational. They agreed on the topics she introduced to them, they had not thought about before.”
Michelle M.

Hey! It’s me, Corvaya.

I’m a New Jersey native with a multi-ethnic background. As a Wake Forest University alumna, social media strategist, workshop host, and overall changemaker, I work diligently to improve the lives of others and encourage them to live a life without limits. (Yes, you read that right). 

But as a speaker, I stand out from the rest. Did somebody say electrifying? Vibrant? Inspirational? That’s me. 

So, What Are We Going to Talk About?

My career is centered in my credibility, and it has taken me down an all-inclusive path. After working at CNN, I became obsessed with strategy and switched gears to follow my passion. University planners and non-profit leaders have hired me to contribute to their team, inspire their students and employees, and bring knowledge and passion to their lives. 

I provide speaking topics that span anywhere from problem-solving to content strategizing. With such a vast history of work and life experience, I’ve tailored my services to tailor-make your career and expand your knowledge. 

Whether you’re looking for someone to inspire your team, inject passion into the routine, or kickstart action, my curated experiences are tailored to fit exactly what you’re looking to achieve. 

Together, we’ll go on a journey that provides ample value, offers actionable steps, and elevates your confidence. In a short speaking session, you’ll be blown away by the penetrable energy and electrifying atmosphere that will keep you wanting to come back for more.

Topics I Speak On

I’m proud to offer professional development topics that push the gauntlet and provide a new outlook on problem-solving, networking, and career growth. Whether your audience is looking to gain knowledge on social media or build industry-ready relationships, I can help. I pull on real-world challenges and set realistic goals to achieve greatness. 

I pull personal experiences from my successful career to teach and inspire on topics such as surviving burnout, seeking mentors and improving the quality of life. 

My broad range of topics will foster a personal connection with my audience that is backed by my contagious personality and bold demeanor. Every time I get on stage, I look forward to providing your team with actionable and proven advice that will push the limits and inspire creativity and innovation.

An example of my topics:

  • Career growth strategy
  • Social media management 
  • Side hustles 101
  • The art of interviewing 
  • Relocating for work and starting over in a new city
  • Goal setting and action planning
  • Women’s leadership

Brilliant Feedback

“Her resume as a facilitator for multiple corporate and public-sector entities equips her to constructively engage with diverse audiences across the public and private sector. Her professionalism, knowledge-base, refreshing candor, and overall genuine presence make her a highly sought-after speaker, lecturer, and program facilitator.” – Andrew S., Author/Educator

“Corvaya inspires the next group of professionals with her wise counsel and enthusiasm for growth.  Her work with undergraduates at Wake Forest University was important for the launch of their own professional journey” – Heidi R. Educator

Speaking Formats

  • Facilitated discussions
  • Workshops
  • Training
  • Town hall
  • Masterclass
  • LIghtning talks
  • Panel moderator
  • Panel speaker
  • Women’s accelerator programs and roundtables
  • Guest lectures 
  • Strategy and consulting 
  • Employee 1:1 coaching

Past Organizations

  • Online news association
  • Florida International University
  • Nova Southeastern University
  • Wake Forest University
  • University Of Miami
  • The Palm Beach Post
  • Woman On The Move, Llc.
  • Jubilee Center Of Hoboken
  • Created Families, Inc 
  • Palm Beach Atlantic University
  • Osceola County School District

Let’s Connect

Are you ready to bring your team to new heights and push your potential to new heights? Now’s the time! Let’s connect and find out how can optimize your greatness today.